I think as I am nearing very close to being a real-life "grown up" (I'm guessing grown-ups don't refer to themselves as grown-ups? How many times do you think I can say grown-up? Ok, ok, adult it is...) I think I may need a big girl watch. Granted, some of these are not but the center top Kate Spade is my dream watch. How adorable is that tiny hot pink spade?

Gramarcy Grand, $225, Kate Spade
Metro, $195, Kate Spade
Amy, $200 Marc by Marc at Shopbop
River Island, $35, ASOS
Classic Michael Kors, $180, Tobi
Cooper, $200, Kate Spade
O'Clock, $47, Shopbop
Pastel Jelly, $25 (on sale!), ASOS

Maybe as a graduation gift to myself? I can dream!

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