Target Dreaming

Everyone has that one store that you could go in to grab bread, and leave with too many unplanned, but wonderful, purchases. I'm sure I am not the only one who gets drawn in to the colorful and creative world of Target! I especially adore all of the holiday items they get in seasonally- how spot-on are all of these Easter decorations?

Simple, but feminine. My habit of purchasing items for my "future home" is getting a little out of hand, but if any of the little guys go on sale I can see them waltzing into my shopping cart and home with me.

1. Lattice Porcelain Bowl, $16.99
2. Wilco Whisk, $5.99 & Wilco Spatula, $5.99
3. Cake Stand, $12.99
4. Tumblers, available in-store


Modern Marie

My senior collection, entitled Modern Marie, is meant to take you away to a world where macarons are eaten for breakfast and champagne is a color. I wanted to creating clothes that would be worm by a woman when she wants to be feminine, flirty but still seductive. I honestly had the most amazing team working with me including my models, my mom and Jenna, my hair stylist. There is much, much more to come, but here's a few teaser photos!

All of my beautiful ladies, including my little seester second to the right!

 My inspiration table, complete with macarons by my sister Jackie

We couldn't help but throw a little Chio into the day :)

Back In The Game

I'm laying in bed, watching Gilmore Girls (season 2- the best) and eating shrimp & pasta... and I can't help but think "Is this really my life post-fashion show?" The biggest thing in my life, my entire to-do list every day, the source of all my creativity and effort is... over? What am I going TO DO WITH MY LIFE?!

I'll be the first to admit I needed a few days of sleep and hanging out with the frands, but I don't know if I can go back to a life of unproductivity. I mean, yeah, I guess I have other classes, and there's that whole job search thing I should be working on, but I need to give myself another outlet of creativity which is why I am going to start writing here again!

I have oodles of fabric left and 5 week with access to these kick-ass sewing labs, so stay tuned for my projects coming at you!