Target Dreaming

Everyone has that one store that you could go in to grab bread, and leave with too many unplanned, but wonderful, purchases. I'm sure I am not the only one who gets drawn in to the colorful and creative world of Target! I especially adore all of the holiday items they get in seasonally- how spot-on are all of these Easter decorations?

Simple, but feminine. My habit of purchasing items for my "future home" is getting a little out of hand, but if any of the little guys go on sale I can see them waltzing into my shopping cart and home with me.

1. Lattice Porcelain Bowl, $16.99
2. Wilco Whisk, $5.99 & Wilco Spatula, $5.99
3. Cake Stand, $12.99
4. Tumblers, available in-store

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