black swan

Tonight we took a trip out to the Barbican to see Black Swan (Monday's are discounted.. woo!). The theatre itself was really nice. Better to any one I've been to. I also love that every theatre in London serves drinks. Haha so legit.

Now Black Swan itself... wow. Words can't describe how amazingly messed up and beautiful it was. I have never seen a movie like it, nor do I think I ever will. I absolutely LOVED it. Loved. If you have not seen it, go now. Seriously. (Although don't go with anyone you're not super comfortable with haha. Let's just say it's not exactly a first date movie.) All my flatmates were pretty shaken up by it... not that I wasn't, but I think I was entranced by it more than I was scared/freaked out. I mean I have always had a thing for anything theatrical so the costumes and the music and the cinematography totally swept me up. I can NEVER sit still throughout an entire theater movie, but this time I was surprised it was over. My body hurt when I stood up from sitting so tense the whole time! I love going out and doing fun little things like this. Next stop is to go see the live theater, I can't waitttt!! Hopefully there is some Chicago in the future.



For magazine class we are in the process of creating our own magazine; this is way too much fun for it to be a class. I am creating a publication called Dalliance: a brief love affair. It will cover fashion, home and lifestyle in a dream-like and elegant way (that obvs has to include Marie Antoinette. Duh.)

I want to find a different font for the title, it's still a work in progress

My target audience is women between 22-35 in ABC1, meaning anyone of any class would want to read it. We had to come up with a "gimick" to catch people attention... mine is to have a pull-out poster of the cover image in the back like Bop and Teen used to do. It's like a teen celebrity poster, but for fashionistas! I'm so excited to work more on this project, it's not even like it's homework.

my inspiration mood board. aaand now the background to my computer haha.

sunday funday

On Thursday I had the most significant experience since we’ve been here. We went to the British Museum with HCFS and I literally don’t think I’ve ever been that overwhelmed anywhere, ever. You walk in and the lobby is this cavernous modern white building with glass ceilings and stark marble as far as you can see. You get the feeling of being so tinyyy in such a huge space. Then as you start venturing into the exhibits it feels like you’re constantly discovering a new space to explore and finding different little worlds. Each room is completely different and suits each collection perfectly. We went to the Americas, Death, Africa and Greek areas with our teacher and I think we only scraped the surface. I didn’t even get any sketches done for the assignment because I couldn’t stop wandering, looking and reading.

It was the Greek work that really blew my mind. It’s so intense seeing these works that I’ve been studying for years from a textbook in person. It’s not even like they were SUPER important (you know, minus the Rosetta stone) but to see parts of the Pathenon, the vases, the kouros… I love it SO MUCH. I am such an art history geek, that’s for sure.  I need to go back and spend an entire day there just by myself to soak it all up. I wanted to on Friday morning, buuuut after not going to sleep till 5.30 that didn’t happen. I was bummed because my camera was being a stubborn little thing so none of my pictures came out. Maybe I’ll go back on Wednesday after my one class. I really want to be one of those dorks with the headset that gives you a tour of the place by yourself haha.

But onto the rest of the weekend… last night we stayed in and SPICEWORLD WAS ON TV!  I was bummy we didn’t go out till that happened. Yeah best night ever. Today we went to Camden market to just wander for a bit… I was not a fan. I would definitely pick Brick or Portabello over Camden any day. I think it’s all just starting to look a lot the same. A market is a market, and they all pretty much sell the same wholesale overpriced crap. The other markets had more crafty and unique booths while Camden had a lot of wholesale and tourist-y things.  I think I’d enjoy it MUCH more if I could feel my toes.


2 weeks in

So now that I'm 2 weeks into my classes I'm getting a better feel for each of them. I've gotta say, I'm reallyreally surprised by which ones I like the most and vice versa. I thought PR would be my least favorite and magazine or forecasting would be my fave but after these 2 weeks PR is definitely the one that I look forward to the most. We've only had it once (we didn't start till this week) and I literally want to be in PR. My teacher is amazing. I know I've said that about some of the other ones, but she really is! Her name is Beverly Alt and she has done everything from PR for Burberry to having her own talk show segment (she was the first British woman to have a fashion segment when she got her job at BBC Breakfast Time). Her class is learning and taking notes but she also throws in little tips and tidbits that would help for PR in real life. The fact that she joked about vodka in our water bottles and told me I sound like Rachel Zoe didn't hurt much either.

Before I got here I was pretty sure I'd want to do something that incorporated journalism eventually or at some point... now I am not so sure. Both my journalism and magazine tutors don't make it seem like an industry I would enjoy. When they talk about the kind of personality you have to have and the job requirements it is seeming less and less of something I would be good at or love doing.

Hmmm... this is making me think way too much. Time to watch gilmore girls and fall asleep :)


Today we finally made it to Portabello market! Unfortunately it was totally BURR so we didn't last too long. It was pretty much the same concept as Brick Lane (and most likely all the other markets in Londy) but to me it seemed a little different. It was definitly overall more expensive and just a little more mainstream. Like there was still oodles of vintage but it was all pricier (all the furs were at LEAST 60... sad since I was looking for one!) and more hand-picked for you. At Brick you had to so some serious digging to find a jewel, but at Portabello it was pretty much just there for you. One stall was super cool though, its called Never Fully Dressed. I actually found it on ASOS in the new marketplace they have while I was browsing yesterday and then we accidentally wandered into the stall at the market! It is all absolutely gorgeous, check it out. I didn't buy anything, but we did go to a Mexican place for a late lunch. I though it was OK but everyone else really liked it. Just proves how high my standards are haha.

When we got home I dyed Annas hair and it prettymuch just convinced me to do mine. I ran over to superdrug with lauren, grabbed two boxes of "pure chocolate" and how I'm a dark brunette!!


not your elementy school field trip

My favorite thing about my classes DEFINITELY has to be our outings that I can count on every day. Whether it's a museum, exhibit or a cool store the tutor wants us to see I don't think I have a single class that we won''t take a trip for. On Monday I had my magazine class and after talking in the classroom for a while he decided to take us to a magazine store and then the Mapplethorp exhibit that had been curated by the Scissor Sisters. So awesome, except it was closed on Mondays. Next time dear teacher, please check the times for the shows!

Tuesdays for me are forecasting and journalism. My forecasting teacher was in Paris (lucky!) so we had a guest speaker on green fashion. LCF is very into this whole green topic, I like. We had to come up with a business proposal based on the idea of "zero waste." If I may say, our idea was pretty kickass. Our brand is called Junkyard Jewelry (recycl-bling your shit into a hit.) We are going to go to designers and fabric companies and get their birghtly colored fabric scraps as well as junk such as old building materials, jewelry and hardware and turn it into multi-media modern jewelry designs. We will have a program where we will get old jewelry donations and in exchange we will give they 50% off their purchase. Oh, and as well as selling in our boutique we are partnering with Urban and their Urban Renewal line.

this is what i am imagining

Anna and I want to do this for real. I love it.

Then in journalism we went to go see the Matthew Williamson exhibit. These brits sure so love their Matthew! This is the third class we've talked about him in. The exhibit was really pretty, but just photos. I had hoped it would be real garments.

Today we went to go see the Barbican Center for British Cultural Studies. I thought it was a museum so I didn't dress too warm.. yeah no. We walked outside in the drizzle and cold for 2 hours. We were all literally human popsicles by the time we got home. The Barbican itself was so... eerie. It's an apartment complex as well as business offices and the Barbican center (theaters, concert halls and a few exhibitions.) It is made of these dark grey stones and is very secluded and quiet. We saw virtually no one when we were there... yet a studio apartment can go for 80,000 GBP! I can't imagine anyone wanting to live there (until our teacher spoke up and said he dreams of living there... uhhh it must be a brit thing).

using my cool little panorama setting

I am SO excited for tomorrow morning... we are going to The British Museum and I am GEEKING about going to the Greek exhibit. It's a ton of stuff that has been in my art history text books in real life. I'm so excited! They also have the rosetta stone and several other REALLY significant ancient things. And on top of that an insane amount of incredible paintings and other thing. See, I told you I'm being a total art dork.

Most exciting news of the week so far... after trying on virtually every pair of oxfords in London I finally picked a pair! And I got to use my student discount (seriously, America needs to catch onto this trend!)

bad pictures, but the tweed part has little gold strings that make it shimmy a bit when i walk. thank you miss selfridges :)


Rockoke and the Realworld

Our weekend was just a shambly all over the world series of nights. I feel like we did nothing and everything all at once, you know? After we got home from touristy things I drank my body weight in chicken broth and then (attempted to take) a hot shower. Of course the shower was not hot, but thats nothing new for flat 1. We had decided on Thursday night to go to Rockoke at Punk because LCF told us that on Fridays we would get in no cover and our first drink was free. Uhh sounds perfect? The guys in flat 1 asked if they could tag along and if so, could we go before 9 so they could get in free too? (Guys usually have to come earlier than girls to get in free). So we start getting ready and get out the door by 8.30. Now I feel obliged here to mention that we had a first on Friday night... we bought actual alcohol! After 2 weeks of straight wine pregames we were all feeling a need to get away from the grape, so hellooo Tesco vodka and no-name cola! It was £9 for a fifth, which is equal to a little over $14. It smelled like plain McCormicks. Just for the hell of it we bought 2...

can't take credit for the great pic, thank google. ooh yum check out that cheap goodness! and it's even a VALUE!

When we got to Punk I showed my LCF id and the bouncers just looked at me like I was a little retarded and asked me for my license. We just figured it was since it was before 9 and everyone gets in for free. It ended up that the boys called ahead and got us a pretty legit table in the back... quite swank of them. We started looking at song choices and decided to go up to the bar. Lauren came walking back toward us and said that the Asian bartender had no idea what we were talking about when we mentioned the free drink. Ooook? When I went up I asked a different bartender and he was actually quite snippy and rude about it. Like sorry LCF seemed to have lied to us? There's no other Punk in Soho... anyways on to karaoke.

It was almost 2 hours in and I had not been called up yet even though I was one of the first to hand in my paper. Finally, I heard my name. "If there's an Erika here, you need to pick a new song!" Oh damn. Papa ain't gonna preach for me tonight... Jolene said instead I had to do Stop (Spice Girls) and I was reluctant, but I guess it's prettymuch been my fave song since 3rd grade and I know the dance.... seems like an ok idea. It ended up being a very good idea because I got a free drink on the band for my performance! (Oh I should have mentioned, the "rock" in rockoke is because you have a live band backing you up!) My favorite part was the girl in the front row doing the dance along with me. My night was made.

Saturday we just lounged around and did homework all day because some of Jolene's family friends were coming to visit Saturday night. As we were waiting for them to get all the way to us from zone 6 we decided to finish the classy Tesco. Guess what? IT FROZE! Vodka is NOT supposed to freeze. So questionable. Then we went to a pub down the street for a bit. Down the street being a 20 minute walk. We got there... I played half a game of darts... and all of a sudden we were leaving. Hmmm. As we are walking back everyone wants to go to the Duke, but it's 11.30 already and pubs close at 11. I voted for going back to the flat and turning a flat rage into a frat rage. Quite a good decision if you ask me. We had a bajillion people just running in and out of the apt, between us and flat one all the while we are making grilled cheeses for everyone and having the best FREE night of my life. When we woke up on Sunday Jo told me her friends asked if we always live like it's the real world. You know, minus the dirty hot tub and roommate hookups. I think we need to make flat rage something that happens quite often.

Once again we did homework all Sunday (aka watched tv and painted my nails...) and then went to the Duke to watch the Bears game. I have no more words for that, except I left at the third quarter, bought a candy bar and went to sleep. Oh and we ate our body weight in nachos and chips yummm

Tourist Day!

On  Friday we had a tourist day FINALLY! Jolene Anna and I had no class so we woke up, hopped on the tube and headed to Westmister. As soon as we walked out of the station we started looking around... obviously for Benjamin! It really wasn't anywhere to be found, and then we looked up. Oh were at the bottom of it!

I am so excited we finally saw it, I feel like I'm finally a real Londoner now that we've done the touristy stuff. We walked over the bridge and then headed over to see Parliament and Westminister Abbey and St. Marys.

We we're tired at all so we strolled though St. James park to see Buckingham Palace. Omg there were so many BIRDS! They were huge and apparently not phased by humans one bit. I think they see people as a source of food so  they follow you around like a troup of birdies. Jo and Anna were calling me Doolittle because they were following me and I touched the birds haha.

When we got to Buckingham I was really surprised at how not cool it was. I'm sure it'll be more exciting once we go with our tutor and he tells us all about it... but c'mon there weren't even any guards in funny hats!! Disappointment at its greatest haha. By this time we were literally dead and ended up taking the tube home instead of walking through Hyde Park back home. Being around all of that REAL British stuff made me even more obsessed than I already am. I just love all that history stuff and I can't wait to take real tours where you learn facts. Oh boy do I love my facts!


The Hills...with British Accents

Literally the funniest thing I have ever seen. My favorite commercial I have seen since we've been here.

Whew, long week!

Sorry I have not posted all week, it's just been crazy and uneventful with classes starting! No class on Friday's though, woo! Tuesday I had Fashion Forecasting and Fashion Journalism. Being the first class, both were a lot of introduction and the teachers talking about themselvesss again. Both tutors are really cool though, and both very experienced in their fields. I do love how our teachers are not TEACHERS, they're people who work and teach this one class on the side. Wednesday I am supposed to have British Cultural Studies but it doesn't start until next week. Therefore we obviously did nothing, went for a day drink at the Duke and get ready to go out because it was Ashleys 21st!


We met up the the guys from flat 1 and went to Moonlighting where Wednesdays are student nights and drinks are 80p!! So we got there at 9, had a few drinks, got our wristband and went to TRANNYOKE!!

 double fistin because it only cost us £1.60!

Trannyoke happens every Wednesday at a, obviouslty, tranny bar called Escape. A very attractive man dressed as Lady GaGa hosted the night. The biggest bummer was that after ONE PERSON sang (Anna, that lucky bitch...) the karaoke system broke! We were all very depressed and heading back over to Moonlighting. Unfortunately after all that walking my feet were pretty much bleeding so my night ended pretty quickly (plus I have a 10am on Thursdays).

Thursday is my crazy day for classes, I have 3 and go from 10am-830pm. AHH!! We have Historical and Cultural Fashion Studies at 10am and we meet at a different location each week. This week it was the Natural History Museum to look at the butterfly/bug exhibition and then the Victoria & Albert to see the Chinese robes exhibit. I am SO excited to go to this week because all we do is sketch in our journals and get inspired. I loveloveloved drawing the butterflies. We normally have Fashion PR right after, but it doesn't start until next week. Instead we went home to take a nap. Last, from 6-830 we have Visual Merchandising. Our teacher was in Paris so we had a not-so-nice tutor as a substitute. I think I'm going to love this class as well.

No class today so I think we are finally going to do touristy stuff!! Big Ben and Westminster, here we cooome!



frist day of school... first day of school!

Today I turned into a real student... I went to class! We had Theoretical and Social Fashion Studies (TSFS) from 10:15-12:00 and took our first morning tube voyage to get to the High Holbern building. We got there about 45 minutes early because we allowed ourselves so much travel time. Definitely will be waking up half an hour later next Monday! Emannuel was our tutor and she spoke mostly of eco and ethical fashions today. At first she was highly amusing... see below for some of her quotes. After the break though she just seemed overly cynnical... hmm I'll just have to see how this class goes. She only lectures for the first few classes, so there will be a change in a month or so.

After TSFS we hopped back on the tube to meet at the main building for Start Your Own Fashion Magazine (SYOM). My teacher is pretty much awesome. His name is Paul and he has written for Love, French Vogue, and is assistant editor at a magazine that is set to launch at Paris Fashion Week. Basically, I want to be him. He took us to the magazine stand and told us to pick out an editorial that interests us. Of course I couldn't pick so I got Love, Lula and Commons&Sense. We then went to a cafe and talked about what this semesters classes will bring us.

I can't wait to go to class for the rest of the week... I know my other 5 will be as awesome as these two were.



Grafitti is an art form here in London. The gov has been cracking down on it, but works from artists like Banksy and Ben Eine can still be found in places. I don't think I've found anything by a legitimate artist yet, but I have been rounding up photos of my faves. Street art is so different from what I usually fine appealing which is why I think I like it so much. Every aspect of it is so extreme and bright.

 a little creep owl chi-o lovin

Brick Lane

 Today we took a day trip to Brick Lane, a gigantic indoor/outdoor market. The first thing you’re greeted with when you step in is over 20 booths selling all types of ethnic food. Everything from Indian to Lebanese to Chinese to Mexican just literally smacks you in the taste buds. We did a bit of shopping before we let ourselves eat, though. I bet you can’t guess which country I headed straight towards at lunch time…
The market itself was literally overwhelming with the number of stalls and vendors. I ended up doing a second round at the end to pick up the things I decided I really wanted. I got a vintage compass made into a necklace, a not-so-vintage knuckle ring with Audrey on it, a black sparkly vintage dress for £5 and a really cute t-shirt that I'm making into a crop-top.

my jewelry finds for the day... I am obsessed with this necklace

This is a place that we will most definitely be heading back to in a few weeks. Its open weekdays, but Sunday is their hard-hitting day. The streets were so packed that cars could hardly get past. On the street individuals set up booths and blankets with every sort of antique or vintage thing you can imagine. There are also every sort of people you can imagine. Everyone else went into a shop while I sat outside, ate my lunch and people watched. I think Brick Lane has been my favorite thing we’ve done so far.

Flat 2

 Here is a few picture of our apt. I waited till now to take some because now it looks a bit lived in. We have been trying to do our best to decorate a bit but it’s tough since we cant really buy much. A lot of the posters on the walls are free stuff we’ve gotten over the past week. We also started a quote wall and a huge to-do list in the living room.

my side of the room

I sleep on the left, Jolene on the right

a far cry from my pretty closet at home... but a lovely new house for my english purchases.

 this bathroom has the most awkward shower... its impossible to get into!
the kitchen

the living room... as you can tell we really like to actually live in it

It is really much nicer and bigger than we expected, but thank god because 9 girls need quite a bit of space!


Cookie Run!

We just got back from taking a trip to the 24-hour mark next door to get something sweet. We all decided to stay in tonight and it was getting to be around 8 so we all needed something sugary before bed. There are these amazing English cookies called Jaffe Cakes that we had in call Thursday... they're a cakey canilla cookie with orange marmalade and dark chocolate over the top. Yummmm!

Yesterday we were supposed to go to Brick Lane with our class but we decided to stay home and have a chill afternoon. As we were sitting home we looked up clubs that had free admission on a Saturday night. As you can imagine that didn't really exist but we found a place called Metra that was free before 9. So we got ready very early and headed over to Liecester Square to what we heard was quite a popular place with the celebs.

(oops i think my finger got a bit in the way...)

Well guess what no one told us? You get in for free before 9 because no one shows up until 11! Wow did we feel like little American tourists. So we basically sat and stared at each other for 2 hours until people began to arrive. Since it was such a swank place the drinks were very $$$ so it's not like we could sit and drink till it got started. Oh well, you live and learn right? Once the night got started we began to make our way over to the reserved tables and make friends with them. The first group looked like they could be 40 but apparently they were 21/22/23? Kind of creepers. Thankfully we were rescued by the other vip table of Norwegian footballers. They were impossible to understand (example: the boy next to me was names Bahshazakka. Or something along those lines) but they kept us entertain all night and got bottles of champagne, so all in all the night ended up worth it.

Today we woke up way too late due to being up way too late so me, Anna, Emma and Lauren took a walk around Soho to look at some vintage shops. I didn't buy anything because I'm saving myself for the shops at Brick Lane tomorrow! We did stop for fish & chips though... the most DELICIOUS meal I have ever had that includes fish. I could eat it every day. We have found one of the lone Mexican places in London and are going to visit it at Brick Lane tomorrow so cross your fingers the salsa is good!


i just wrote a REALLY long post and blogger deleted it.

DAMN TECHNOLOGY. My post was quite funny about tonight. Oh bollocks I'll re-write it tomorrow.... gnight amurrica.

beyond obsessed.

I'm sure most everyone has head me go on and on about how much I ADORE Tom Ford, so here's a compilation of his first womens wear collection for his eponymous line.


I know nothing about English OR us history, oh well.

Today we had our last day of orientation and it was the most fabulous by far. We had a police officer talk to us first (frightening) and then we talked about British culture (awesome). We got sent out on a walking tour of London using only a tape recorder as our directions. It weaved us around Soho and the areas surrounding the school ending with an hour and a half for shopping. I fell in love with old concord street which is known for its cafes. We went to lunch at Paul's where I had the most fabulous tomato/cheese/pesto panini EVER. Its little things like that will make your day, yeah?

After the hunt we went to back to learn about traditional English tea and have drinks with our classmates. On the way home I popped into Primark to grab a reusable bag (everyone uses them here for the market, etc.). Uhhh I ended up getting a furry vest that I have been eyeing (on sale for £10!!) a beige skirt, 3 pairs of tights and a pair of sunnies. So, instead of grocery shopping I shopped for clothes. Oh, the sacrifices we make ha. I ate a slice of cheese instead and ventured forth to TRIVIA NIGHT.

Trivia night was fabulous. We literally came in last place but it was a blast trying to answer the questions. I danced on the bar for the first time. That makes a fabulous night, now doesn't it?


I got a card reader. Pictures are up finally, I put them in all my old posts.


just for syd

These last two days have been entirely jam-packed for us. I'm going to bed early tonight (ok, I know 1 isn't early...) to catch up on a little sleep finally.

Yesterday we took a walking tour of the area around LCF in the early afternoon. One of our advisers, Karin, took us around Soho etc. She is super hip and from what we hear was quite big on the clubbing scene for awhile so she took us to all the best, hidden places!

(carnaby street... the hot spot in the 60s beatles era)

(beautiful english streets i could wander up and down all day)
English people we've been meeting all week have been so surprise that we are at these well kept secrets but have yet to see Big Ben or the London Eye. Its obviously because we have such totally awesome teachers showing us around. After the tour we did some vintage shopping. It made me so excited to get away from the high street and start exploring smaller areas.
On Tuesday night we ventured on the TUBE FOR THE FIRST TIME! Yay finally we are real Londoners!
We went to this club called Madame JoJo's which Karin pointed out to us on Tuesday morning. It has a different theme each night and Tuesday was indie night. We saw The ABC Club play (check them out, the lead singer sounds like early Rilo Kiley). After that was done it turned into this crazy techno dance rager thing. It's so funny, they dance completely different here. As yall know, at home it's all about the grind. You'll always be all up in someones biznass when youre dancing. Here, they just shimmy and shake to the music, sort of swaying with the occasional hand thrown up. I enjoy it exponentially more I must say. So much better for a gal with no rythm. I totally almost killed someone trying to get home, taking the bus for the first time was a nightmare. It's OK though, we all survived and it was the best night so far


Today we just had more orientation stuff, all not too exciting. We met another one of our teachers and she is absolutely precious! Her name a Carolyn and she does costuming for movies and play and is our Fashion History tutor. She is probably at least 70 and the most chic and adorable thing I have ever seen. On our way home I made my first Topshop purchase!! (Did i mention we get a student discount? Can you say DANGEROUS?) I got this leather bustier on sale, it is to die for. So funky. After dinner we went to a pub called The Chapel to have a drink.
And now it's time for me to get some sleep finally. Orientation again at 10am. Hope you like the SUPER LONG POST JUST FOR YOU SYDDERS.


i think i just got the shopping bug.

Today was our first day of orientation... thank god for getting some schedule into the life. I adore Londytown but I don't know how much longer I could go without a plan for every day. It was the normal first day... syllabuses, a slideshow etc. After we were done we went shopping up and down Oxford and I fell in LOVE with my first UK obsession. It was a dress in River Island... black & white polkdots with a swingy late 60s/early 70s vibe. Literally obsessed. But they didn't have it in my size. One too big, one too small. Sadly, we ventured on and off to Primark where I realized it was a sign from god to not get the polka dot dress (I mean, at least for today...). I found a camel colored dress int eh exact same style along with a clutch and a necklace for half the price of the polkadot dress. I don't think I have loved a dress this much in so long. Helloooo fabulosity.

Now alls I need is a retro club and some Beatles music for my London life to be complete.



Last night was quite the little adventure for our flat. We panned on going to this club (clubs are more like the swanky bars in America) called Verve because we heard they had half-price drinks. We thought it would be a reasonable walk away, but yeah as usual we were wrong.

us before going out

As we were half-way there our feet were sobbing already and we decided to just give up and head to Picadilly street where we heard there were several places to go. As we walked down Old/New Bond street we pre-gamed on fashion as we walked past McQueen, Prada, Miu Miu, Chanel and loads others. Admission to a club on the swanky street we chose was £20 so we headed over to a pub on the same street. As we were there this group of guys stopped me to talk, and we were very soon invited to go with them to Aura where they were having an Abecrombie workers party (!) Apparently Abercrombie is cooler to them than to us? So they proceeded to get us in for free and but us drinks leading to the best first night our I could have asked for.

The club was everything you imagine a European place would be... loud, lights, and naked girls dancing on the bars. Oh yeah as a group I'm pretty sure those girls would have though we were coming on to them for the number of times we told them they were hot.
Well I was just attempting to put pictures up but I realized I brought the wrong damn USB chord.. so pictures coming as soon as I can find a shop to buy one!

(edit: pictures added!)

the third olsen

Ok so I know the Olsens have two younger siblings, Elizabeth and James seeing as they named the line after them... but have you ever seen Elizabeth? She is literally the third triplet. I know sibling look alike (obviously look at me, Jackie and Tess) but jesus!