Today we finally made it to Portabello market! Unfortunately it was totally BURR so we didn't last too long. It was pretty much the same concept as Brick Lane (and most likely all the other markets in Londy) but to me it seemed a little different. It was definitly overall more expensive and just a little more mainstream. Like there was still oodles of vintage but it was all pricier (all the furs were at LEAST 60... sad since I was looking for one!) and more hand-picked for you. At Brick you had to so some serious digging to find a jewel, but at Portabello it was pretty much just there for you. One stall was super cool though, its called Never Fully Dressed. I actually found it on ASOS in the new marketplace they have while I was browsing yesterday and then we accidentally wandered into the stall at the market! It is all absolutely gorgeous, check it out. I didn't buy anything, but we did go to a Mexican place for a late lunch. I though it was OK but everyone else really liked it. Just proves how high my standards are haha.

When we got home I dyed Annas hair and it prettymuch just convinced me to do mine. I ran over to superdrug with lauren, grabbed two boxes of "pure chocolate" and how I'm a dark brunette!!

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