Brick Lane

 Today we took a day trip to Brick Lane, a gigantic indoor/outdoor market. The first thing you’re greeted with when you step in is over 20 booths selling all types of ethnic food. Everything from Indian to Lebanese to Chinese to Mexican just literally smacks you in the taste buds. We did a bit of shopping before we let ourselves eat, though. I bet you can’t guess which country I headed straight towards at lunch time…
The market itself was literally overwhelming with the number of stalls and vendors. I ended up doing a second round at the end to pick up the things I decided I really wanted. I got a vintage compass made into a necklace, a not-so-vintage knuckle ring with Audrey on it, a black sparkly vintage dress for £5 and a really cute t-shirt that I'm making into a crop-top.

my jewelry finds for the day... I am obsessed with this necklace

This is a place that we will most definitely be heading back to in a few weeks. Its open weekdays, but Sunday is their hard-hitting day. The streets were so packed that cars could hardly get past. On the street individuals set up booths and blankets with every sort of antique or vintage thing you can imagine. There are also every sort of people you can imagine. Everyone else went into a shop while I sat outside, ate my lunch and people watched. I think Brick Lane has been my favorite thing we’ve done so far.

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