not your elementy school field trip

My favorite thing about my classes DEFINITELY has to be our outings that I can count on every day. Whether it's a museum, exhibit or a cool store the tutor wants us to see I don't think I have a single class that we won''t take a trip for. On Monday I had my magazine class and after talking in the classroom for a while he decided to take us to a magazine store and then the Mapplethorp exhibit that had been curated by the Scissor Sisters. So awesome, except it was closed on Mondays. Next time dear teacher, please check the times for the shows!

Tuesdays for me are forecasting and journalism. My forecasting teacher was in Paris (lucky!) so we had a guest speaker on green fashion. LCF is very into this whole green topic, I like. We had to come up with a business proposal based on the idea of "zero waste." If I may say, our idea was pretty kickass. Our brand is called Junkyard Jewelry (recycl-bling your shit into a hit.) We are going to go to designers and fabric companies and get their birghtly colored fabric scraps as well as junk such as old building materials, jewelry and hardware and turn it into multi-media modern jewelry designs. We will have a program where we will get old jewelry donations and in exchange we will give they 50% off their purchase. Oh, and as well as selling in our boutique we are partnering with Urban and their Urban Renewal line.

this is what i am imagining

Anna and I want to do this for real. I love it.

Then in journalism we went to go see the Matthew Williamson exhibit. These brits sure so love their Matthew! This is the third class we've talked about him in. The exhibit was really pretty, but just photos. I had hoped it would be real garments.

Today we went to go see the Barbican Center for British Cultural Studies. I thought it was a museum so I didn't dress too warm.. yeah no. We walked outside in the drizzle and cold for 2 hours. We were all literally human popsicles by the time we got home. The Barbican itself was so... eerie. It's an apartment complex as well as business offices and the Barbican center (theaters, concert halls and a few exhibitions.) It is made of these dark grey stones and is very secluded and quiet. We saw virtually no one when we were there... yet a studio apartment can go for 80,000 GBP! I can't imagine anyone wanting to live there (until our teacher spoke up and said he dreams of living there... uhhh it must be a brit thing).

using my cool little panorama setting

I am SO excited for tomorrow morning... we are going to The British Museum and I am GEEKING about going to the Greek exhibit. It's a ton of stuff that has been in my art history text books in real life. I'm so excited! They also have the rosetta stone and several other REALLY significant ancient things. And on top of that an insane amount of incredible paintings and other thing. See, I told you I'm being a total art dork.

Most exciting news of the week so far... after trying on virtually every pair of oxfords in London I finally picked a pair! And I got to use my student discount (seriously, America needs to catch onto this trend!)

bad pictures, but the tweed part has little gold strings that make it shimmy a bit when i walk. thank you miss selfridges :)

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  1. when you're at the museum please look for a postcard of people or transportation...i will gladly reimburse you...gg