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       I finally did venture out to the grocery store... my first independent shopping excursion looks very much like my shopping at home did: cheese, milk, eggs, bread, butter, cereal... the basics. I got my first pounds out of the ATM... ouchh that exchange rate really hurts. I took out £100 so they took $160. can you say UGG?

       The best part of the day by far was that when I got back to the flat Alyssa, Lauren and our new roomie Jolene were here!! FINALLY friendssssss. I was so happy to not be alone anymore. After they got settled we decided to walk over to Oxford Street, which is basically the Michigan Ave of our area. It was shopping as far as you could see... I could just feel my money trying to fly out of my pocket. We found the phone store Alyssa was looking for, called O2. We all got the exact same, sad little go phone and pretty much the same plan. Hey, at least I can call my parents right?

       When we got home we made dinner (pasta with parm & butter) and tried to drink wine, but my was absolute CRAP. Obviously there was a reason it was £3.49. We had some lovely little gentleman callers though, they wanted us to go to a pub with them, but we don't have tube cards yet and we were all dead tired. THey have been here for awhile, so they know more about this than we go, so hopefully they can show us some places to go

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