Tourist Day!

On  Friday we had a tourist day FINALLY! Jolene Anna and I had no class so we woke up, hopped on the tube and headed to Westmister. As soon as we walked out of the station we started looking around... obviously for Benjamin! It really wasn't anywhere to be found, and then we looked up. Oh were at the bottom of it!

I am so excited we finally saw it, I feel like I'm finally a real Londoner now that we've done the touristy stuff. We walked over the bridge and then headed over to see Parliament and Westminister Abbey and St. Marys.

We we're tired at all so we strolled though St. James park to see Buckingham Palace. Omg there were so many BIRDS! They were huge and apparently not phased by humans one bit. I think they see people as a source of food so  they follow you around like a troup of birdies. Jo and Anna were calling me Doolittle because they were following me and I touched the birds haha.

When we got to Buckingham I was really surprised at how not cool it was. I'm sure it'll be more exciting once we go with our tutor and he tells us all about it... but c'mon there weren't even any guards in funny hats!! Disappointment at its greatest haha. By this time we were literally dead and ended up taking the tube home instead of walking through Hyde Park back home. Being around all of that REAL British stuff made me even more obsessed than I already am. I just love all that history stuff and I can't wait to take real tours where you learn facts. Oh boy do I love my facts!

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