Flat 2

 Here is a few picture of our apt. I waited till now to take some because now it looks a bit lived in. We have been trying to do our best to decorate a bit but it’s tough since we cant really buy much. A lot of the posters on the walls are free stuff we’ve gotten over the past week. We also started a quote wall and a huge to-do list in the living room.

my side of the room

I sleep on the left, Jolene on the right

a far cry from my pretty closet at home... but a lovely new house for my english purchases.

 this bathroom has the most awkward shower... its impossible to get into!
the kitchen

the living room... as you can tell we really like to actually live in it

It is really much nicer and bigger than we expected, but thank god because 9 girls need quite a bit of space!

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