2 weeks in

So now that I'm 2 weeks into my classes I'm getting a better feel for each of them. I've gotta say, I'm reallyreally surprised by which ones I like the most and vice versa. I thought PR would be my least favorite and magazine or forecasting would be my fave but after these 2 weeks PR is definitely the one that I look forward to the most. We've only had it once (we didn't start till this week) and I literally want to be in PR. My teacher is amazing. I know I've said that about some of the other ones, but she really is! Her name is Beverly Alt and she has done everything from PR for Burberry to having her own talk show segment (she was the first British woman to have a fashion segment when she got her job at BBC Breakfast Time). Her class is learning and taking notes but she also throws in little tips and tidbits that would help for PR in real life. The fact that she joked about vodka in our water bottles and told me I sound like Rachel Zoe didn't hurt much either.

Before I got here I was pretty sure I'd want to do something that incorporated journalism eventually or at some point... now I am not so sure. Both my journalism and magazine tutors don't make it seem like an industry I would enjoy. When they talk about the kind of personality you have to have and the job requirements it is seeming less and less of something I would be good at or love doing.

Hmmm... this is making me think way too much. Time to watch gilmore girls and fall asleep :)

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