almost time

So here I am sitting in bed at 1:44am when my flight is at 9:05 MEANING I have to get up at 5am. That's 3 hours and 16 minutes from this moment. I first thought of doing a blog because I wanted to keep everyone informed of my new adventures, but then I decided that this is much more for me than anyone else. I mean, how am I going to remember every last fantastic thing that happened unless I write it all down? The other option was a handwritten journal, but I am pretty darn sure my hand would cramp up faster than you can say 'ello. Therefor this will be a combination of a journal and a place for you to to check up on me, if you even want to haha. OH and I'm pretty much not planning on keeping it grandparent-friendly so get ready for some purdue-caliber stories. As of right now 95% of my shiz is packed and I'm going to try and get a wink of sleep. See you 6 timezones away!
Love from my last night in AMURRICA,

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