sunday funday

On Thursday I had the most significant experience since we’ve been here. We went to the British Museum with HCFS and I literally don’t think I’ve ever been that overwhelmed anywhere, ever. You walk in and the lobby is this cavernous modern white building with glass ceilings and stark marble as far as you can see. You get the feeling of being so tinyyy in such a huge space. Then as you start venturing into the exhibits it feels like you’re constantly discovering a new space to explore and finding different little worlds. Each room is completely different and suits each collection perfectly. We went to the Americas, Death, Africa and Greek areas with our teacher and I think we only scraped the surface. I didn’t even get any sketches done for the assignment because I couldn’t stop wandering, looking and reading.

It was the Greek work that really blew my mind. It’s so intense seeing these works that I’ve been studying for years from a textbook in person. It’s not even like they were SUPER important (you know, minus the Rosetta stone) but to see parts of the Pathenon, the vases, the kouros… I love it SO MUCH. I am such an art history geek, that’s for sure.  I need to go back and spend an entire day there just by myself to soak it all up. I wanted to on Friday morning, buuuut after not going to sleep till 5.30 that didn’t happen. I was bummed because my camera was being a stubborn little thing so none of my pictures came out. Maybe I’ll go back on Wednesday after my one class. I really want to be one of those dorks with the headset that gives you a tour of the place by yourself haha.

But onto the rest of the weekend… last night we stayed in and SPICEWORLD WAS ON TV!  I was bummy we didn’t go out till that happened. Yeah best night ever. Today we went to Camden market to just wander for a bit… I was not a fan. I would definitely pick Brick or Portabello over Camden any day. I think it’s all just starting to look a lot the same. A market is a market, and they all pretty much sell the same wholesale overpriced crap. The other markets had more crafty and unique booths while Camden had a lot of wholesale and tourist-y things.  I think I’d enjoy it MUCH more if I could feel my toes.

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