I know nothing about English OR us history, oh well.

Today we had our last day of orientation and it was the most fabulous by far. We had a police officer talk to us first (frightening) and then we talked about British culture (awesome). We got sent out on a walking tour of London using only a tape recorder as our directions. It weaved us around Soho and the areas surrounding the school ending with an hour and a half for shopping. I fell in love with old concord street which is known for its cafes. We went to lunch at Paul's where I had the most fabulous tomato/cheese/pesto panini EVER. Its little things like that will make your day, yeah?

After the hunt we went to back to learn about traditional English tea and have drinks with our classmates. On the way home I popped into Primark to grab a reusable bag (everyone uses them here for the market, etc.). Uhhh I ended up getting a furry vest that I have been eyeing (on sale for £10!!) a beige skirt, 3 pairs of tights and a pair of sunnies. So, instead of grocery shopping I shopped for clothes. Oh, the sacrifices we make ha. I ate a slice of cheese instead and ventured forth to TRIVIA NIGHT.

Trivia night was fabulous. We literally came in last place but it was a blast trying to answer the questions. I danced on the bar for the first time. That makes a fabulous night, now doesn't it?

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