i think i just got the shopping bug.

Today was our first day of orientation... thank god for getting some schedule into the life. I adore Londytown but I don't know how much longer I could go without a plan for every day. It was the normal first day... syllabuses, a slideshow etc. After we were done we went shopping up and down Oxford and I fell in LOVE with my first UK obsession. It was a dress in River Island... black & white polkdots with a swingy late 60s/early 70s vibe. Literally obsessed. But they didn't have it in my size. One too big, one too small. Sadly, we ventured on and off to Primark where I realized it was a sign from god to not get the polka dot dress (I mean, at least for today...). I found a camel colored dress int eh exact same style along with a clutch and a necklace for half the price of the polkadot dress. I don't think I have loved a dress this much in so long. Helloooo fabulosity.

Now alls I need is a retro club and some Beatles music for my London life to be complete.

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  1. My little rockstar skirt was from River Island. Love that store!! I had to walk to the second one, which was way far away to find my size as well. Miss you Erika!!-love Bambi