Whew, long week!

Sorry I have not posted all week, it's just been crazy and uneventful with classes starting! No class on Friday's though, woo! Tuesday I had Fashion Forecasting and Fashion Journalism. Being the first class, both were a lot of introduction and the teachers talking about themselvesss again. Both tutors are really cool though, and both very experienced in their fields. I do love how our teachers are not TEACHERS, they're people who work and teach this one class on the side. Wednesday I am supposed to have British Cultural Studies but it doesn't start until next week. Therefore we obviously did nothing, went for a day drink at the Duke and get ready to go out because it was Ashleys 21st!


We met up the the guys from flat 1 and went to Moonlighting where Wednesdays are student nights and drinks are 80p!! So we got there at 9, had a few drinks, got our wristband and went to TRANNYOKE!!

 double fistin because it only cost us £1.60!

Trannyoke happens every Wednesday at a, obviouslty, tranny bar called Escape. A very attractive man dressed as Lady GaGa hosted the night. The biggest bummer was that after ONE PERSON sang (Anna, that lucky bitch...) the karaoke system broke! We were all very depressed and heading back over to Moonlighting. Unfortunately after all that walking my feet were pretty much bleeding so my night ended pretty quickly (plus I have a 10am on Thursdays).

Thursday is my crazy day for classes, I have 3 and go from 10am-830pm. AHH!! We have Historical and Cultural Fashion Studies at 10am and we meet at a different location each week. This week it was the Natural History Museum to look at the butterfly/bug exhibition and then the Victoria & Albert to see the Chinese robes exhibit. I am SO excited to go to this week because all we do is sketch in our journals and get inspired. I loveloveloved drawing the butterflies. We normally have Fashion PR right after, but it doesn't start until next week. Instead we went home to take a nap. Last, from 6-830 we have Visual Merchandising. Our teacher was in Paris so we had a not-so-nice tutor as a substitute. I think I'm going to love this class as well.

No class today so I think we are finally going to do touristy stuff!! Big Ben and Westminster, here we cooome!


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