Cookie Run!

We just got back from taking a trip to the 24-hour mark next door to get something sweet. We all decided to stay in tonight and it was getting to be around 8 so we all needed something sugary before bed. There are these amazing English cookies called Jaffe Cakes that we had in call Thursday... they're a cakey canilla cookie with orange marmalade and dark chocolate over the top. Yummmm!

Yesterday we were supposed to go to Brick Lane with our class but we decided to stay home and have a chill afternoon. As we were sitting home we looked up clubs that had free admission on a Saturday night. As you can imagine that didn't really exist but we found a place called Metra that was free before 9. So we got ready very early and headed over to Liecester Square to what we heard was quite a popular place with the celebs.

(oops i think my finger got a bit in the way...)

Well guess what no one told us? You get in for free before 9 because no one shows up until 11! Wow did we feel like little American tourists. So we basically sat and stared at each other for 2 hours until people began to arrive. Since it was such a swank place the drinks were very $$$ so it's not like we could sit and drink till it got started. Oh well, you live and learn right? Once the night got started we began to make our way over to the reserved tables and make friends with them. The first group looked like they could be 40 but apparently they were 21/22/23? Kind of creepers. Thankfully we were rescued by the other vip table of Norwegian footballers. They were impossible to understand (example: the boy next to me was names Bahshazakka. Or something along those lines) but they kept us entertain all night and got bottles of champagne, so all in all the night ended up worth it.

Today we woke up way too late due to being up way too late so me, Anna, Emma and Lauren took a walk around Soho to look at some vintage shops. I didn't buy anything because I'm saving myself for the shops at Brick Lane tomorrow! We did stop for fish & chips though... the most DELICIOUS meal I have ever had that includes fish. I could eat it every day. We have found one of the lone Mexican places in London and are going to visit it at Brick Lane tomorrow so cross your fingers the salsa is good!

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