Rockoke and the Realworld

Our weekend was just a shambly all over the world series of nights. I feel like we did nothing and everything all at once, you know? After we got home from touristy things I drank my body weight in chicken broth and then (attempted to take) a hot shower. Of course the shower was not hot, but thats nothing new for flat 1. We had decided on Thursday night to go to Rockoke at Punk because LCF told us that on Fridays we would get in no cover and our first drink was free. Uhh sounds perfect? The guys in flat 1 asked if they could tag along and if so, could we go before 9 so they could get in free too? (Guys usually have to come earlier than girls to get in free). So we start getting ready and get out the door by 8.30. Now I feel obliged here to mention that we had a first on Friday night... we bought actual alcohol! After 2 weeks of straight wine pregames we were all feeling a need to get away from the grape, so hellooo Tesco vodka and no-name cola! It was £9 for a fifth, which is equal to a little over $14. It smelled like plain McCormicks. Just for the hell of it we bought 2...

can't take credit for the great pic, thank google. ooh yum check out that cheap goodness! and it's even a VALUE!

When we got to Punk I showed my LCF id and the bouncers just looked at me like I was a little retarded and asked me for my license. We just figured it was since it was before 9 and everyone gets in for free. It ended up that the boys called ahead and got us a pretty legit table in the back... quite swank of them. We started looking at song choices and decided to go up to the bar. Lauren came walking back toward us and said that the Asian bartender had no idea what we were talking about when we mentioned the free drink. Ooook? When I went up I asked a different bartender and he was actually quite snippy and rude about it. Like sorry LCF seemed to have lied to us? There's no other Punk in Soho... anyways on to karaoke.

It was almost 2 hours in and I had not been called up yet even though I was one of the first to hand in my paper. Finally, I heard my name. "If there's an Erika here, you need to pick a new song!" Oh damn. Papa ain't gonna preach for me tonight... Jolene said instead I had to do Stop (Spice Girls) and I was reluctant, but I guess it's prettymuch been my fave song since 3rd grade and I know the dance.... seems like an ok idea. It ended up being a very good idea because I got a free drink on the band for my performance! (Oh I should have mentioned, the "rock" in rockoke is because you have a live band backing you up!) My favorite part was the girl in the front row doing the dance along with me. My night was made.

Saturday we just lounged around and did homework all day because some of Jolene's family friends were coming to visit Saturday night. As we were waiting for them to get all the way to us from zone 6 we decided to finish the classy Tesco. Guess what? IT FROZE! Vodka is NOT supposed to freeze. So questionable. Then we went to a pub down the street for a bit. Down the street being a 20 minute walk. We got there... I played half a game of darts... and all of a sudden we were leaving. Hmmm. As we are walking back everyone wants to go to the Duke, but it's 11.30 already and pubs close at 11. I voted for going back to the flat and turning a flat rage into a frat rage. Quite a good decision if you ask me. We had a bajillion people just running in and out of the apt, between us and flat one all the while we are making grilled cheeses for everyone and having the best FREE night of my life. When we woke up on Sunday Jo told me her friends asked if we always live like it's the real world. You know, minus the dirty hot tub and roommate hookups. I think we need to make flat rage something that happens quite often.

Once again we did homework all Sunday (aka watched tv and painted my nails...) and then went to the Duke to watch the Bears game. I have no more words for that, except I left at the third quarter, bought a candy bar and went to sleep. Oh and we ate our body weight in nachos and chips yummm

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