Last night was quite the little adventure for our flat. We panned on going to this club (clubs are more like the swanky bars in America) called Verve because we heard they had half-price drinks. We thought it would be a reasonable walk away, but yeah as usual we were wrong.

us before going out

As we were half-way there our feet were sobbing already and we decided to just give up and head to Picadilly street where we heard there were several places to go. As we walked down Old/New Bond street we pre-gamed on fashion as we walked past McQueen, Prada, Miu Miu, Chanel and loads others. Admission to a club on the swanky street we chose was £20 so we headed over to a pub on the same street. As we were there this group of guys stopped me to talk, and we were very soon invited to go with them to Aura where they were having an Abecrombie workers party (!) Apparently Abercrombie is cooler to them than to us? So they proceeded to get us in for free and but us drinks leading to the best first night our I could have asked for.

The club was everything you imagine a European place would be... loud, lights, and naked girls dancing on the bars. Oh yeah as a group I'm pretty sure those girls would have though we were coming on to them for the number of times we told them they were hot.
Well I was just attempting to put pictures up but I realized I brought the wrong damn USB chord.. so pictures coming as soon as I can find a shop to buy one!

(edit: pictures added!)

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