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These last two days have been entirely jam-packed for us. I'm going to bed early tonight (ok, I know 1 isn't early...) to catch up on a little sleep finally.

Yesterday we took a walking tour of the area around LCF in the early afternoon. One of our advisers, Karin, took us around Soho etc. She is super hip and from what we hear was quite big on the clubbing scene for awhile so she took us to all the best, hidden places!

(carnaby street... the hot spot in the 60s beatles era)

(beautiful english streets i could wander up and down all day)
English people we've been meeting all week have been so surprise that we are at these well kept secrets but have yet to see Big Ben or the London Eye. Its obviously because we have such totally awesome teachers showing us around. After the tour we did some vintage shopping. It made me so excited to get away from the high street and start exploring smaller areas.
On Tuesday night we ventured on the TUBE FOR THE FIRST TIME! Yay finally we are real Londoners!
We went to this club called Madame JoJo's which Karin pointed out to us on Tuesday morning. It has a different theme each night and Tuesday was indie night. We saw The ABC Club play (check them out, the lead singer sounds like early Rilo Kiley). After that was done it turned into this crazy techno dance rager thing. It's so funny, they dance completely different here. As yall know, at home it's all about the grind. You'll always be all up in someones biznass when youre dancing. Here, they just shimmy and shake to the music, sort of swaying with the occasional hand thrown up. I enjoy it exponentially more I must say. So much better for a gal with no rythm. I totally almost killed someone trying to get home, taking the bus for the first time was a nightmare. It's OK though, we all survived and it was the best night so far


Today we just had more orientation stuff, all not too exciting. We met another one of our teachers and she is absolutely precious! Her name a Carolyn and she does costuming for movies and play and is our Fashion History tutor. She is probably at least 70 and the most chic and adorable thing I have ever seen. On our way home I made my first Topshop purchase!! (Did i mention we get a student discount? Can you say DANGEROUS?) I got this leather bustier on sale, it is to die for. So funky. After dinner we went to a pub called The Chapel to have a drink.
And now it's time for me to get some sleep finally. Orientation again at 10am. Hope you like the SUPER LONG POST JUST FOR YOU SYDDERS.

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