Fifties Hipster

Sitting outside, drinking my chai and making sure that dogs don't run away. With my Will and Kate commemorative mug- obvi.

TJ Maxx tweed jacket // American Apparel lace t-shirt // Forever 21 skater skirt // Miss Selfridge oxfords // Maui Jim Lani sunnies

Yesterday at work when I walked in my boss told me I look like a 50s Hipster- if such a thing even exists? Hence the title of this post. Maybe it's the hobo scarf paired with my Babrie bow ponytail. I have a super annoying cold/sore throat, so snuggly layers and basically an IV of tea and chicken soup has been super necessary. And yes, I just had to look up the spelling of necessary. Does anyone else have words they literally cannot spell if your life depended on it? No, just me?


Dots on Dots

Old Navy sweater (similar) // Wit & Wisdom jeans // H&M earrings and barrette

This outfit is really such a live-in uniform for me... when in doubt, grab some polka dots and pink lipstick! Nothing makes me feel as feminine, even when the pieces are just a sweater and jeans. Toss in my H&M faves- the pink gem barrette and my favorite earrings and dress-down day at work is infinitely more fun. Seriously, these earrings from H&M are my go-to... I love them so much I bought an extra pair in case I ever lose the first ;)


The Perfect T

Today is my day off work, and sadly my plans for photo shoots, recipes and errand running have been stomped on by my new friend The Flu. Instead, my day has been filled with daytime TV and online shopping (although, I must say second season Grey's and SATC can fill my afternoons with old friends any day). In my online perusing I found my absolute favorite t shirt on sale- and I saw myself adding 5 to my shopping bag. White t's get discolored so easily that I want to have a back stock in my closet.

Am I crazy or does anyone else fall in love with your basics? It is just an Old Navy t, but something about the slightly-clingy fabric, longer length and perfect scoop neck has me so in love with it. I actually went into the store searching for it last week, but the sales girl said it was just a summer style. And at under $9 + 20% off, that's a good deal right?


Kate Spade Saturday

Okay, anyone who knows me gets that I am borderline-obsessed with Kate Spade. If I was made of dolla bills, they would all go into Deb's pocket. So when I heard that Kate Spade Saturday- a lower-priced line "meant to capture the spirit of Saturday every day of the week" is launching this February- I squealed a little. And told everyone at work about it all day. 

I mean, look at those SHOES- how can you not be excited? I'm loving the red/pink combo and the paint brush stroke dress. It's going to be available in the US exclusively through www.saturday.com- I for one have already signed up for the update emails, and you should too!


Mantra Monday

Falling Back

French Connection jacket // Emily Blu tank // Bobeau skirt // clutch, made by me

We fell back the clocks on Sunday so with an extra hour of sleep I decided to do my first outfit post! It was so nice out, a bare legs day would've been lovely but we're require to wear tights at work. This skirt was once of the first pieces I purchased at Nordstrom, I love the teeny stripes! A leather blazer and pop of color winterize one of my summer staples, and it was perfect for martinis at Gibsons with my Nordys gals!


a little re-decorating

Since I'm going to be living at home for the next year(ish) I figured it was time to freshen up my room. When we moved and built my room freshman year of high school I was obsessed with the idea of splatter painting my walls. I'm not gonna lie- it was pretty awesome. However, after 8 years anyone can grow out of that! I wish I had some before pics, but here are a few after ones! It's still majorly a work in progress!

Ikea bed, Target chevron pillow, TJMaxx pillows, Target Simply Shabby Chic curtain, my photo of Big Ben

I'm obsessed with my new Ikea bed! So perfect and so affordable. The walls around my bed need some serious help though. I had a wall of photos from Londy in my room at school, but it looked silly here. Even the single picture looks out of place. Ideas?

my illustration, vintage lamp from Kane Country Flea Market, Vintage mini Moet bottle, potting stool from Home Goods turned into a bedside table

Other little details I love: The subtle pink accents on my door, faux peonies that make me smile year-round, a feather from my senior fashion show and a shiny gold bedside table. Obviously I have a lot more to do, but it's a start!


Sofia's Bling

Sofia Coppola is hands-down my favorite director. From Marie Antoinette to Virgin Suicides I honestly think she can do no wrong. The cinematography and music of her movies are always beyond spot-on. Her latest film The Bling Ring is definitely going to be different than her typical light and airy movies but I am no less excited about it! Also, two words, EMMA WATSON! Love her. Love her in these fantastically trashy anti-Hermione outfits. 2013 can't come fast enough!

Get excited!


3 weeks and counting

So, I have been home for exactly three weeks. 3. Some days it seems shorter, some days it seems longer, but it has been three weeks and I am still job-less. See, when I came home from school I had two prospective jobs and my life seemed to be headed in the right direction, but obviously we all know that Life is not a straight shooter and I'm batting a curve ball here (I have a feeling i used neither of those sports analogies correctly). Next Sunday we're going on a week vaycay to SC and my life plans definitely had me starting my job the week I get back, but plans are always meant to be revised, which is exactly what I am doing right now.

I was inspired by Punky and the City's goals she set for herself, so here are mine:

Apply to at LEAST 3 jobs a day:

I was going to say five, but let's be honest I don't think there are that many out there for me to find. They say you hear back from 1 in 3 applications so I'm giving myself good odds, right?

Do something physical every day:

Whether it's taking to dogs for a walk, getting better at running more than a block without falling over, trying to use my medicine ball for something other than decoration or going on walks & talks with my bestie, it's time to say buh-bye to my lazy college habits and helloooo to making myself feel awesome!

Research cars more thoroughly

I'm in the process of buying my first car and I think I'm getting a bit too stuck on the ooh-it's-so-prettyyy aspect of it, and I need to focus more on safety and reliability. I have, however, been fabulous about researching mileage. If you have any suggestions or know more about cars than I do (very likley!) I'd love some advice.

Be more money-minded

I need to realize that I cannot shop, go to bars and generally spend monies like my lucky friends who have jobs. I need to prevent myself from going broke so that will mean staying away from Nordstrom Rack, my weakness. I will miss her dearly though. Hopefully we shall be reunited soon!

Now, I am off to do some w&t and apply for jobs. Look at me sticking to the goals!


hoppy easter

images via katie armour

Happy Easter! Taking a long weekend from school with absolutely no agenda has been wonderful- and there's still a day left!



I think as I am nearing very close to being a real-life "grown up" (I'm guessing grown-ups don't refer to themselves as grown-ups? How many times do you think I can say grown-up? Ok, ok, adult it is...) I think I may need a big girl watch. Granted, some of these are not but the center top Kate Spade is my dream watch. How adorable is that tiny hot pink spade?

Gramarcy Grand, $225, Kate Spade
Metro, $195, Kate Spade
Amy, $200 Marc by Marc at Shopbop
River Island, $35, ASOS
Classic Michael Kors, $180, Tobi
Cooper, $200, Kate Spade
O'Clock, $47, Shopbop
Pastel Jelly, $25 (on sale!), ASOS

Maybe as a graduation gift to myself? I can dream!


Ankle Candy

I found this image on my computer (saved eons ago I bet) and used Google Image to find out where it is from... still inspiring and still obsessed with those shoes!

image via Sincerely, Jules

I am super jealous of her Pierre Hardy heels, and the fact that she's clever enough to wrap a vintage necklace around her ankle! Genius.


Target Dreaming

Everyone has that one store that you could go in to grab bread, and leave with too many unplanned, but wonderful, purchases. I'm sure I am not the only one who gets drawn in to the colorful and creative world of Target! I especially adore all of the holiday items they get in seasonally- how spot-on are all of these Easter decorations?

Simple, but feminine. My habit of purchasing items for my "future home" is getting a little out of hand, but if any of the little guys go on sale I can see them waltzing into my shopping cart and home with me.

1. Lattice Porcelain Bowl, $16.99
2. Wilco Whisk, $5.99 & Wilco Spatula, $5.99
3. Cake Stand, $12.99
4. Tumblers, available in-store


Modern Marie

My senior collection, entitled Modern Marie, is meant to take you away to a world where macarons are eaten for breakfast and champagne is a color. I wanted to creating clothes that would be worm by a woman when she wants to be feminine, flirty but still seductive. I honestly had the most amazing team working with me including my models, my mom and Jenna, my hair stylist. There is much, much more to come, but here's a few teaser photos!

All of my beautiful ladies, including my little seester second to the right!

 My inspiration table, complete with macarons by my sister Jackie

We couldn't help but throw a little Chio into the day :)

Back In The Game

I'm laying in bed, watching Gilmore Girls (season 2- the best) and eating shrimp & pasta... and I can't help but think "Is this really my life post-fashion show?" The biggest thing in my life, my entire to-do list every day, the source of all my creativity and effort is... over? What am I going TO DO WITH MY LIFE?!

I'll be the first to admit I needed a few days of sleep and hanging out with the frands, but I don't know if I can go back to a life of unproductivity. I mean, yeah, I guess I have other classes, and there's that whole job search thing I should be working on, but I need to give myself another outlet of creativity which is why I am going to start writing here again!

I have oodles of fabric left and 5 week with access to these kick-ass sewing labs, so stay tuned for my projects coming at you!