The Perfect T

Today is my day off work, and sadly my plans for photo shoots, recipes and errand running have been stomped on by my new friend The Flu. Instead, my day has been filled with daytime TV and online shopping (although, I must say second season Grey's and SATC can fill my afternoons with old friends any day). In my online perusing I found my absolute favorite t shirt on sale- and I saw myself adding 5 to my shopping bag. White t's get discolored so easily that I want to have a back stock in my closet.

Am I crazy or does anyone else fall in love with your basics? It is just an Old Navy t, but something about the slightly-clingy fabric, longer length and perfect scoop neck has me so in love with it. I actually went into the store searching for it last week, but the sales girl said it was just a summer style. And at under $9 + 20% off, that's a good deal right?

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