Fifties Hipster

Sitting outside, drinking my chai and making sure that dogs don't run away. With my Will and Kate commemorative mug- obvi.

TJ Maxx tweed jacket // American Apparel lace t-shirt // Forever 21 skater skirt // Miss Selfridge oxfords // Maui Jim Lani sunnies

Yesterday at work when I walked in my boss told me I look like a 50s Hipster- if such a thing even exists? Hence the title of this post. Maybe it's the hobo scarf paired with my Babrie bow ponytail. I have a super annoying cold/sore throat, so snuggly layers and basically an IV of tea and chicken soup has been super necessary. And yes, I just had to look up the spelling of necessary. Does anyone else have words they literally cannot spell if your life depended on it? No, just me?

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