a little re-decorating

Since I'm going to be living at home for the next year(ish) I figured it was time to freshen up my room. When we moved and built my room freshman year of high school I was obsessed with the idea of splatter painting my walls. I'm not gonna lie- it was pretty awesome. However, after 8 years anyone can grow out of that! I wish I had some before pics, but here are a few after ones! It's still majorly a work in progress!

Ikea bed, Target chevron pillow, TJMaxx pillows, Target Simply Shabby Chic curtain, my photo of Big Ben

I'm obsessed with my new Ikea bed! So perfect and so affordable. The walls around my bed need some serious help though. I had a wall of photos from Londy in my room at school, but it looked silly here. Even the single picture looks out of place. Ideas?

my illustration, vintage lamp from Kane Country Flea Market, Vintage mini Moet bottle, potting stool from Home Goods turned into a bedside table

Other little details I love: The subtle pink accents on my door, faux peonies that make me smile year-round, a feather from my senior fashion show and a shiny gold bedside table. Obviously I have a lot more to do, but it's a start!

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