3 weeks and counting

So, I have been home for exactly three weeks. 3. Some days it seems shorter, some days it seems longer, but it has been three weeks and I am still job-less. See, when I came home from school I had two prospective jobs and my life seemed to be headed in the right direction, but obviously we all know that Life is not a straight shooter and I'm batting a curve ball here (I have a feeling i used neither of those sports analogies correctly). Next Sunday we're going on a week vaycay to SC and my life plans definitely had me starting my job the week I get back, but plans are always meant to be revised, which is exactly what I am doing right now.

I was inspired by Punky and the City's goals she set for herself, so here are mine:

Apply to at LEAST 3 jobs a day:

I was going to say five, but let's be honest I don't think there are that many out there for me to find. They say you hear back from 1 in 3 applications so I'm giving myself good odds, right?

Do something physical every day:

Whether it's taking to dogs for a walk, getting better at running more than a block without falling over, trying to use my medicine ball for something other than decoration or going on walks & talks with my bestie, it's time to say buh-bye to my lazy college habits and helloooo to making myself feel awesome!

Research cars more thoroughly

I'm in the process of buying my first car and I think I'm getting a bit too stuck on the ooh-it's-so-prettyyy aspect of it, and I need to focus more on safety and reliability. I have, however, been fabulous about researching mileage. If you have any suggestions or know more about cars than I do (very likley!) I'd love some advice.

Be more money-minded

I need to realize that I cannot shop, go to bars and generally spend monies like my lucky friends who have jobs. I need to prevent myself from going broke so that will mean staying away from Nordstrom Rack, my weakness. I will miss her dearly though. Hopefully we shall be reunited soon!

Now, I am off to do some w&t and apply for jobs. Look at me sticking to the goals!

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