For magazine class we are in the process of creating our own magazine; this is way too much fun for it to be a class. I am creating a publication called Dalliance: a brief love affair. It will cover fashion, home and lifestyle in a dream-like and elegant way (that obvs has to include Marie Antoinette. Duh.)

I want to find a different font for the title, it's still a work in progress

My target audience is women between 22-35 in ABC1, meaning anyone of any class would want to read it. We had to come up with a "gimick" to catch people attention... mine is to have a pull-out poster of the cover image in the back like Bop and Teen used to do. It's like a teen celebrity poster, but for fashionistas! I'm so excited to work more on this project, it's not even like it's homework.

my inspiration mood board. aaand now the background to my computer haha.

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