Well here I am! It's 2:30 in the afternoon here meaning itsssss... 8:40am at home. My body feels ALL sorts of messed up right now. My roomies still are not here, it's such a weird feeling to be alone when I'm so used to being constantly surrounded by people. If you think about it chio is ALWAYS full (I mean, can you ever mind a moment for yourself?) and obviously if you've ever been to my house you know its pretty much the social center of each of our lives.
I think I may shower and venture out to go find a Tmobile to get a pone (yay!). Alyssa and Lauren were supposed to be getting in around noon, so actually they really should be arriving at the apt any minute? As expected, It's complete crap weather here. When I woke up I couldn't tell if it was night or day because it's so dark and gloomy out. Oh well I guess I'll just wait till April to see the sunshine! I think I'll also go find some food... hmmmmmm

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