londy nails

I just discovered that butterLONDON has the cutest names for their nail polish! I always loved the colors but I didn't realize that they were all named after very London-y things... likeee... 

Primrose Hill Picnic

Queen Vic

Teddy Girl




aaaand the best for last...

La Moss
"Vampy and full of red wine, just like its inspiration"

My super obsession with lacquer right now may stem from a few things... 1) I am always obsessed. 2) I just did a project re-launching the ultimate 90s classic, HardCandy 3) I have nail polish lost in mail limbo, and it makes me mad every day that I can't seem to find it! Oh, and my debit card is in there too gahhh!

{all from butterLONDON}

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