chocolate world

I don't think there has been any food group that differs so much from London to the US than candy. At the convenience store (or Lebanese 24 hour mart... you know, wherever you prefer to stop in at 1am....) I honestly recognize 3 candy bars. And even those are packages differently!! KitKats are basically the same, as are Milkyways/Snickers but 3 Musketeers are different, and Hersey doesn't even exist here!

I would be upset about this except I have come to terms with the fact that English chocolate is exponentially superior to American chocolate. Besides the fact that its cooler (it's foreign, duh!) It truly is better... America put a third more suger in our bars just to cut costs (sugar is cheaper than cocoa or cocoa butter). A small packet of chocolate may be 500 calories here, but god DAMN does it taste GOOD!!!

Question: What other country could bring you OWL BUTTONS??

Or BUENO BARS?! Essentially white nutella in a wafter casing. YUM!!

Don't even get me started on Tea Cakes, M&S's marshmallow and chocolate biscuit...

Or even my new favorite candy bar, the Double Decker (literally, I need to cut it into pieces to fit it into my mouth)

All I'm sayin is look forward to your gifts when I get home consisting of a whole lotta sweets!

OH PS: Yeah, they sell bon bons here. French club flashbacks anyone?

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