Saturday Night

After having class from 10-4 on Saturday, we headed out to go meet Paddy and his football team. They had just won their match and wanted to go to the pubs and have a drink. (I think that was the most English sentence I have written!). On the weekends they have been closing a lot of the tube lines for "improvements".... I want to know why they can't IMPROVE the time of this maitenance? Closing it on a Saturday night is reeeally inconvenient. So we head over to take the route replacement bus to the pub we were going to. Thsi is where the fun began... apparently no one can understand us and "Goldhawk" sounds like "Royal Oaks" and we were on the bus for about on hour trying to get somewhere 20 minutes way. It was redicous. Thank god it was free.

The pub we went to was lovely, all these Christmas light and big tvs and stuff. It was very sports bar-ish. At around 11 they said they wanted to go to a club, so we all agreed and left the pub (it was called green-something? I don't know, I didn't pay much attention to what the places were called). They proceed to start hailing us cabs. Uhhh... cabs are pretty expensive. And we never take them. And the boy that my group was didn't pay for us either. Thennn the club they wanted to go to was full so we went to a restaurant/bar/dance club type of thing. It was really awesome downstairs, but farfarFAR too many people for the size of the place. And we got there right when everyone was getting sloppy, and none of us were that drunk so it was like ooookay then please don't spill another drink on me. 

Basically there was like no point in re-capping this night, seeing as nothing exciting happened. I wouldn't blame you if you had stopped reading already.

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