Today in Adventures In Cooking... Erika attempts chili! It was pretty good. Didn't taste like any chili I have ever had, which leads to to believe I invented something that was not chili. What would you call beef, red beans, corn and onions?

I think I'm finally getting used to my schedule thank god, or maybe it's because we were pretty chill this weekend, but I have been very awake every day when I wake up. Like I have finally gotten a good nights sleep. Now if only I could get a hot shower, life would be good.

Class today was pretty average, in TSFS we talked about women in fashion, and Emmanuel got all heated up about that. The problem is she points out everything that's wrong but never offers an explanation as to how we can change it. Example: African-American models are typically used for very tribal and ethnic shots (true). Then, she points out that if they aren't dressed up like that, they are dressed in very (what she deemed) "Caucasian" clothing. Like what does she expect, to put everyone of African decent in Baby Phat or something? And then she gets all into the rights of women, and how we are all being objectified blahblahblah. I am of the mind frame that you should use all that woman you've got and work it to your fullest haha, so all of these "demeaning" images don't really bother me. But that could lead into a WHOLE other discussion about how "my generation" has been brought up to be numb to sex in the media... or something like that!

It was our second to last magazine class, sad! We talked about our projects and Paul's magazine launch a bit, then took a field trip to this really awesome magazine/book store in Shoreditch. I found the most AMAZING art mag, Ballad Of... check it out. I am obsessed, it is so pretty and is full of hand illustrations and writing. I also finally bought my copy of Lula that I have been lusting over. Excuse = these are for class. Problem = they weigh a lot. Packing for home is about to be quite difficult....

After class we had out PARIS MEETING!! eeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkk 8 days. I can't believe I am actually going. Looks like I'll have to brush up on my high school French?

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