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Michael took us to Saint Pancras Station today doing BCS. It was first built in the Gothic era as a grand hotel and train station. These were not just hotel rooms, they were suits of ten or more rooms, not including the servants quarters. Sadly, the Gothic style went out of mode very quickly once Art Deco and Modernism took hold, and this cavernous building turned into pretty much nothing.

This is where my teaqcher comes in... to make a long story short he and about 90 other people ended up clearing out the space was he was at university over 5 motnhs and then had a HUGE art exhibit there. After it became "cool" again, they have completely returned it back the the beauty and glory it was meant to have in the first place! I am in LOVE with the entire building. Sadly, the hotel was under construction so we couldn't go into it. This saddened me the most becasue... wait for it... WANNABE WAS FILMED HERE!!

yes that is correct. if it had not been under construction...

i would have walked through these arches...

 and come face-to-face with THIS
DAMN CONSTRUCTION!!! All I want in life is to take a picture on this staircase. Mark my word, I will come back and do it. I will, I tell ya!

 the contrasts between new and old are one of my favorite parts of london

 the station portion of saint pancras

 inside... ultra modern
 champagne bar in the middle! i swear, england has the chicest transportation i have ever seen

We also headed over to the British Library to see some exhibits (original Shakespear! Alice in Wonderland! The Beatles!) Well of course, I was in love. Did you know that the British Library, by law, has to house every single book ever written in English? There are miles and miles a MILES of books 7 stories under the floor that can only be accessed by special persons. Literally a book worms HEAVEN!

 this is about 6-8 stories of just the King's Library

oh hi! i love books!

Now only 1 day of 3 classes until our ultimite, awesome amazing pack weekend of Egland adventures. This consists of:
Thursday: The Duke for quiz night
Friday: Shoreditch late afternoon for shopping, then dinner, then bars for some drinks
Saturday: MARLEES HERE! Camden pubs here we come
Sunday: Brick Lane, Proud at night for our reserved stable!
Monday: Day of chocolate, crap food, wine, beauty and movies. Roomie time!


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