what does it take to gt a pair of shos around here?

I have been in the best mood of my LIFE this week... that is, until I tried to buy a pair of shoes. Now why was this the most difficult task I have had since getting here? It can possibly be attributed to the fact I have this thing where I get my mind fixated on something and I won't let it go... uh sorry I'm stubborn?

Basically I fell in love with these black suede maryjane wedges, but the store didn't have them in my size. Not a big deal, there's about a million New Look stores around London (it's like a Forever-ish place). Little did I know that oh wait, yes it is a problem because NO stores have them. I went to 3 and called the rest. That's ok again... I'll just order them online. Oh wait, what's that you say? The forces of the universe are working against me? Guess what? My credit card won't go though! So basically there are the perfect, adorable, COMFY Erika baby-doll shoes floating out there in the universe but I cannot get my hands on them. I feel like this is like the glitter gym shoes saga of '09 all over again.
The way I obsess over things is probably unhealthy, but I can't help that I don't just like things, I loooooove them.

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