Today I went on a shopping spree, and no it is not the kind you would expect. I have decided, I think I may like cooking almost more than I like clothes. Seriously. I love going to the store, getting things and making them into something delicious and amazing and happy. Today we started off at the farmers market for fruits and some veggies, the foofie grocery store for more veggies that the market didn't have, and then I ended up going to both other grocery stores to get meat and other little things like that. (Omi, If your in flo-reeee-da reading this, I think I have picked up on your shopping habits. I need to go 10 places to get everything I want!). It's the little things that excited me, and though I know no one else particularly cares, I got ground beef for the first time here! Oh boy do I have some ideas of what I'll do with that. Also, fresh green beans and spinach. You know how your parents always attempt to teach you how to love your veggies? Yeah, send you child to a foreign country where they will realize how much junk food actually costs and THEY WILL LOVE VEGGIES!

I am basically writing a love letter to cooking right now, by the way. As soon as I got home I began to make a stewy-soup kind of concoction with ground beef, potatoes, carrots, corn, beans and some Mexican spices just thrown in for the hell of it. Yum leftovers for tomorrow. But that's nothing exciting because I've made it a million times here.

Nope, the best part of today was dinner. Green beans sauteed in butter and RISOTTO. Now, it was my first attempt and I can't say it was up to par with Nonna... because seriously, will anything ever be on par with Nonna? But let me tell you, it was delicious and wonderful and the best meal I've made so far (although I've said that about a few things so far). The texture was a little too sticky and sadly I only have chicken cubes, not real broth but might I say, Nonna would be proud.

Yes, I took a picture of my food. It's my new favorite thing.

In my Journalism class our last piece is a "reflection" on how something in London has affected us... after today I've got some ideas brewing...

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