its been awhile my dahlings

It's crazy how without classes or, well, anything to keep you on a schedule, how the time flies by! I can't even believe that our 2 week spring break has come and gone already. This only means that the semester is half over ahhh!! I can't even think about that. This week has been full of amazing activities like fashion weekend, coffee martinis, a speakeasy, museum event and staying up way too late followed by sleeping in way too late. All worth every second though.

The past 2 days have been spent finishing up my final project for my magazine class, and I must say it may be one of my favorite things I have ever done. Portfolio material for sure :)

Simple, graphic and extraordinarily girly. The magazine would have 3 sections: fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I chose to do my double-page spread from the lifestyle section because that is what makes Dalliance stand out: it's not just another fashion mag, it takes every part of your life and makes it just a bit frothier and sparklier!

Oh PS side note: I totally made up the name Kimberly Walsh just off the top of my head... doesn't she sound like she'd be a party planner? Yeah definitely googled the name and apparently she is a member of Girls Aloud, a very popular pop group here in the UK. Oops?
On a totally different note, you have to check out my new favorite blog Fashionably Bombed! Two sisters who dress up and make cocktails. Uhhh can I have their life?

Update: After presenting my ideas in class today I have decided to nurse my baby into a real child. I don't know how and I don't know when, but this magazine will exist someday. Look forward to it!

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