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To be completely honest, I am glad I was not in the US to watch the Oscars this year because I most likley would have fallen asleep watching the red carpet! Looking though all of the images that have surfaced over the past 48 hours, all I can say is that we need to see some more excitement of the red carpet soon or I am just going to start caring completely. These are my favorites out of the choices given, but I really do wish we had seen some more adventure and glamour!

 Fave: Hilary! Every thing a red carpet dress should be: sparkly, feminine and a little bit different and quirky.


 Second fave... Mila has been killing it this season, I must say.
Gwenyth: I will always be a fan of golden sparkles and Paltrow. It was not anything new or groundbreaking but she always looks lovely.
 Ok so I do not have the beib feve or anything... but how cute are these two? Matching Dolce and Gabanna? With I could have said that about one of my high school dates!
 My man Tom. Such a shame for the women of the world that he likes the men...
Love Emma and Hayden's dresses, hate their hair and makeup. These two look like they are playing dress-up. I do like their little man candy accessory though

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