5 weeks and counting

Seriously, 5 weeks and counting... how weird is that? I knew that this semester would go by fast... but really? I can't imagine being done here in London, it's too weird to even think about. So I won't hah. But to make the most of the end of this trip, I have told myself that I will do one thing that makes me really happy every day. Just so that I can't ever say "oh I wish that I had done this..." or "I can't believe we never did that!" 

Starting with yesterday, I took an afternoon for me and went to Brick Lane to do a bit of shopping (and gift-buying for those lucky ones at home). The tubes were all closed so I found a bus and set out to walk there... and on my way I found a new market! See what happens when you go wander by yourself? Oh, and it was a very successful shopping day too which made me happy. I feel so weirdly grown-up knowing London so well that I can just leave my front door, hop on a bus and find my way. I don't even know Chicago that well! I feel so acomplished.

Today I have a lot of homework to do, so my happy moment wasn't a place, it was my dinner. I made pasta sauce with spinach from scratch and had it with garlic bread and green beans. Yum! I'm working on a runway review of the Etro Fall 2005 RTW. Random collection to assign us, in my opinion. But whatever. I'm at 250 out of 600 words.... aka hardly done.

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