Easily Distracted

Yeah so I'm supposed to be doing my homework... I know I know. I just get so easily distracted! This time it is because of cases for my electronics. I'm totally ok with the fact that I don't have an iPhone or an iPod touch... my go-phone is wayy more indestructible that an iPhone/Blackberry could every be, and my iPod classic can hold more music that a touch ever could. I only get upset that there are NEVER any cute cases for my electronics! It all started when I saw these Kate Spade cases:

Whyyy oh whyyy don't I have an iPod touch?! I love these so very much it's not fair. So of course, then my obsession started. I didn't even think about finding a case for my go-phone (not gonna happen, and I know it). But sadly and kind of surprisingly my hunt for a cute iPod Classic case also proved to be totally fruitless! Yes people, no one makes cases for them anymore. I find this really odd because Apple still produced the Classic, and yet no one cares if it is pretty OR protected!

So on my search I found all of these really funky, gaudy, girly electronics covers by compnies like LuxAddictions. Like literally check them out:

Obvs the complete opposite of the KS ones, but I mean who doesnt want Ariel on their phone? Oh, you don't? No worries, theres still cheetah. Or food.

So now I have found a clear iPod case on Ebay for a pound. A pound! So, guess who's going to get crafty pretty soon?! I'm going to keep an eye out for little charms and things to put on my little case, and hopefully sometime in the near future I will have a blinged-out cover of my own.

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