i want to make these

I think I'm feeling crafty because I'm reeeeally sick of using my computer to do projects right now (I'm currently attempting to work on my PR launch. uhhhh attempting being the key word.) I saw these paperclips on  The Sweestest Occasion via This Is Glamorous, and I LOVE THEM!)

I love the gold. She used 20-gauge jewelry wire, which is so easy to get. Well, unless you're in London like me. 

Ok so one of the weird things about this city is there are no Targets/Walmarts where you can get everything you need at once. I think they exist outside of the city, but property here cost so much that it would not be cost-efficient for a company to have a huge store. Tesco is England's Walmart-equivalent, but the stores around me are solely food. Also, I have not found any craft stores anywhere. The department store John Lewis has a floor of "bit and bobs" which is like an abbreviated Michaels. I miss Hobby Lobby and Joannes. And Target a lot. And trips to Wally World at Purdue. At least there's the little things like that to look forward to when I get home.

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