you shouldda put a ring on it

I mean, who doesn't sit around the computer with your besties and look for wedding rings when you're bored? Oh, umm just us? Hmm well anyways... I have become increasingly obsessed with raw diamonds over the past few years. Whether it's just for yourself or if it is for that left ring finger, I think that they are original but still classy and are also way less likely than as traditional diamond to break the bank.

Melissa Joy Manning was the first designer I discovered that worked with raw precious stones. The pieces are a little pricier than most, but each is a one-of-a-kind hand cut jewel. And they're so prettyyy!

white diamond & 18-karat gold; 7,015
maroon & black diamond; 3,015

natural emerald; 340

Ken+Dana Design is another jewelry design brand that has a lot of really unique pieces. They do not specialize in raw diamonds, but they have some other raw stones in their engagement rig collection. (And they're also all quite inexpensive, score!) All of the gold is recycled and eco-friendly

"The Rose" rough-cut amethyst; 650

"Daisy" chocolate diamond; 495 // "Dakota" quartz; 450

ok so maybe the "Cyndi" is a bit larger than your average ring but for 145 even I can afford this baby

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