Love Letters For Homework

I never know how a week slips by so fast! The end of last week was filled with homework and getting ready to travel, then we were in Amsterdam for a little weekend frolic and now it's already Tuesday! Pictures of Amsterdam to come, but here's what I spent my entire morning working on:

Love Letter to a Martini
Dear Espresso Martini,

                I have been looking for you all my life. High and low, in every bar, pub and club I have searched for something that completes me like you have. We all know that love is found in the most unexpected places or when you have stopped searching for it, and our love is a testament to that fact. It was a regular old Saturday night out with the girls, exploring another little pub in Shoreditch. A pint in my hand, we were sitting outside on the terrace when a mutual friend introduced us. It was infatuation the second you touched my lips. I realized at that moment that a hundred ciders could never fulfill me like one of you could. You were delicious and comforting like my first cup of coffee in the morning, charmingly sweet like a decadent dessert, but you had an alluringly dangerous side to you too. I knew I had to go seek you out for myself.

I discovered that you were from the upstairs of this rowdy little pub- a martini bar situated above all the raucous behavior and sloshing pints of manly beer. Chandeliers hung from the ceiling and everyone eyes sparkled by the flicker of the candles on the table. I walked up to the bar and asked for you; my wish was granted. As I saw you being concocted, I learned what makes you who you are: vanilla vodka and Kahula contribute to the sweet side of you; a shot of espresso lent that familiar and comforting taste of coffee and a splash of Jose shows that you like to walk a little on the wild side. I have never been so certain of anything in my life: We were made for each other.  That night was much too short of an encounter, and although we have not been together since that fateful night, I know serendipity will bring us together once more. You have captured my heart my dear espresso martini.

Lovingly and Forever Yours,


For our BCS class, part of our final assignment is to write about an experience, a place, a taste: something that only you have experienced. It couldn't be about a day or a whole long memory, it had to be about one tiny little thing. And ummm what's more fun that writing a love letter to a martini?! It was prettymuch the best thing I have tasted while being here.

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