mood boards

I feel like I am going mood board crazy over here! Currently working on another for Journalisim, but here's what had been eating up my time this week...

Forecasting: my prediction of a childrens trend, called Tiny Dancer. Taken from the heavy influence Black Swan has on womens wear this year, tricked down into little girls. There's empty spaces for my drawings and fabric sample.

Forecasting: My prediction of a womens wear trend, tentatively titled Electric Pastel. This takes the pastels and neutrals that have been very in, and knocks the contrast button up a few notches.

PR: I had to write a paper and create a mood board about a style icon of my choice (obviously, Brigit Bardot)

VM: Re-do a window for a company in need of some help (Kurt Geiger) and write a paper that was way too long about it.

And last but not least, I'm creating board right now that will create a trend as if I was working for Glamour, based on a picture my teacher randomly gave us. Phew. After this, I'm really quite mood-boarded-out.

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