Over sized bows and sparkly barrettes are my "you had be at hellooo." I mean, let be honest- we all know how I feel about anything overly feminine. I used an image from the accessories brand ban.do for the cover of my magazine dalliance, and I have been glancing at the web site quite a bit since them. I had heard about the brand quite a way back, but I feel like they have become more refined and girly over the years (or maybe it's just the collection that is out now?). No matter what the reason, these are some kick-ass hair accessories. 

Yes, a bit pricier than anything you can find at Primark, but oh so worth it to have a crown of jewlels on your headband, or sequins holding your bangs back!
My favorite aspect of the brand is their styling- they let the accessories do the talking in the shoots and the results are perfect!

I want those lipsticks on me right meow.

happy moment: finishing my journalisim paper. a bright new spring scarf and wrap bracelet.

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