I love school, I love London, I love everything... but JESUS this is exhausting! I feel like we never stop going going going. And then if we do stop to rest for a day I feel guilty that I'm in London and not doing something productive! Classes are what really getting me right now. Soon (aka after Paris) some of them will start ending so my schedule will lighten quite a bit. Until then though, it's been some loooong days. On Thursdays we have 3 classes from 10am-830pm. Ahh!

The terribleness that was Thursday was not at all helped by the fact that we decided to go out on Wednesday night. We went back to moonlighting because uhh who can resist 80p drinks? Well from now on we are going to have to resist, because waking up at 845 was NOT pleasant. And it wasn't like even that good of a night either. I don't think we'll be going back to the cheap 80s club where they treat you like member of a concentration camp. Seriously, where else makes you open your mouth so they can check if you have gum??? And yell at you if you walk on the wrong side of the stairs?? So weird. And unpleasant.

Other than Thursday being a bit of a strugg, the whole week has been pretty average. Just a LOOT of school. Schoolschoolschool. For HCFS we need to go see some exhibits on  our own time so we are going to the High Society (all about drugs) one today. And then tomorrow we have a Saturday class for VM from 10-430. Uggg. I feel like I HAVE to enjoy everything about these classes and not complain about it because uhh I'm in LONDON and it's not fair to complain about it... but jeeze 6 1/2 hours? That's just really long.

Well we are off to go learn about drugs!

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